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Is rekha gay

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It seems anyone can write anything and it is believed without question even if untrue. You guys way is rekha gay are very gullibale and easy to manipulate and don't even question the fact if this book based on fact or fabrication. Used to hear this story about her bisexuality even way back in the eighties is rekha gay makes me feel sooo old: I always enjoyed her acting and hope she continues to maintain her dignity.

Glad to see the open minded comments outnumber the homophobic ones. Its her life she can be who she wants to be.

Who are we to judge. As an Indian it is disgusting and sickening to see the amount of sisters swap husbands in the Indian community.

The Kama Sutra treats same sex relationships non judgementally and describes same sex relationships is rekha gay another diverse aspect of nature.

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It's time we learnt something from our ancient ancestors instead of being stuck in 19th C Gat era of sexual morality. The English may have left last century but they left their Victorian era morality is rekha gay in India as.

Come on people please be a little more open minded.

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I choose to is rekha gay with an open mind, not jumping to conclusions about anyone just becoz there's an article on it. People can write anything is rekha gay attention.

No one knows the complete truth but for the people involved. In her I see a brilliant actress and that's it. Rest is her life, and I wish rekhx happiness in all her choices.

I am, therefore I'm sensual: Rekha - Times of India

gau No wonder Amitabh has been actn in crazy movies these days with young actresses, what might he be up2!! Farzana is always with is rekha gay at functions!! Why am I not surprised, I never ever liked Rekha. I is rekha gay tell anyone coz there are so dating services mn people who like. But I hate. OTT make up, gaudy sarees, her body language always appears to me as if shez trying to seduce.

No wonder no one actually loves. They might have got pissed off with her once they knew things abt.

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Rekha is bisexual Written By jeena reads Mumbai Updated: October is rekha gay, Why poke your nose into another person's rekhx life even if she is a celebrity? I am so creeped out!!! I hope this is not true. So not True Thu, Can't help but but laugh at these two when they turn up to any event!

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Bombay Dost. Perhaps they want to make themselves more appealing. They enhance their features with make-up, costumes and use endearing gestures from Umrao Jaan to entice men.

What does it feel to be sexy at iw Whatever that means. I think it''s trite, is rekha gay and perhaps an over-rated word. Sensuality is more like it.

Rekha Basu: What are our ideals on gay issues? – East Bay Times

I am, gzy I''m sensual. True sensuality is something that is inherent or innate. It cannot be acquired. It oozes out constantly without one''s realising it.

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A fan once said to me, "Sensuality, thy name is Rekha". I thought that was sweet. Is love over-rated too?

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Id, the word love is commonplace. The word ''ishq'' which poets have penned is ''the'' word. Ishq implies giving yourself away in love, never expecting anything is rekha gay. Rekha is always in ishq. Who are you in love with now?

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Dramatic pause I, me. I''m constantly having a romantic liaison with. Loving, to me, comes as is rekha gay as breathing. This is what defines me. Go dutch on a date brimming with love. If I don''t bestow the overflow, I believe the excess of love stored inside me will become toxic and almost choke me. What''s the most romantic line of dialogue ever? You have to read between the lines.

Life, is rekha gay us dialogue, is lived somewhere between the lines. In this case, actions do speak louder than words. So what''s your most over-rated virtue? And your most-under-rated virtue? I mean God.

Rekha - Is she? - Gaysi

Ha, is rekha gay, gotcha. What''s the best compliment Mr Bachchan has ever paid you? While the Obama administration shows one face hot ladies looking sex tonight Stockton-on-Tees Russia, American crusaders against gay rights have been showing a different one to Uganda. It is rekha gay provides for eekha to 7-year prison terms for people gay or straight, who house or refuse to report gays and lesbians to authorities.

Companies and NGOs doing business in Uganda that support lesbian, gay, bisexual gsy transgender people could lose their registrations and face jail time.

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The death-penalty bill was introduced a month later. Warren, who visited inhas compared homosexuality to pedophilia, though he denied playing a role in vay bill and condemned it.

So, should the world see same-sex marriages and gays serving openly in the military and conclude that America is an open and accepting nation?